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Fresh Turkey

Fresh Naturally Raised Turkey and Chicken

Fresh Naturally Raised Turkey and Chicken
Fresh Natural Farm Raised Turkey. Absolutely NO Preservatives!

Chris' Farm Stand raises farm fresh turkeys naturally to give you the freshest turkey meat you will ever eat. We take pride in raising our animals to bring you the very best and most natural product to feed your family.

  • No Preservatives
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics

As fourth generation farmers in the Northeast Region of New England, since the 1920's, we take great pride in our handraised cage-free premium turkeys. All of the product is USDA approved and certified with our humane certified processing facility.

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Order your fresh Thanksgiving turkey from Chris' Farmstand. Only $4.25 per pound. Turkeys ranging from 10 - 25lbs. The turkeys will be pickup & oven ready the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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Put down a $25 deposit.

Pounds (Final could vary by 5lbs)
Pickup Location

To make sure that we raise enough turkeys for our customers, we highly recommend ordering your turkey ahead of time. Let us raise your holiday turkey so you are guaranteed a fresh turkey to feed your family and friends.