Community Supported Agriculture Peabody MA

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Community Supported Agriculture

A Community Supported Agriculture membership is simply way for farmers and families to join together to put the freshest fruits, vegetables, and meals on your dinner table.

All you need to do is become member at the beginning of the growing season. This enables the farmer to grow produce specifically for you that varies throughout the season.

As a member, you reap the rewards of the harvest as well as share in the risks that come with inclement weather and pests.

Members will visit the farm weekly to receive their portion of a wide variety of vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness for flavor and nutritional value. Our unique CSA offers a rotation of fresh eggs, herbs, honey, and fruit of the season.

Benefits of being part of a CSA:

  • Early access to spring vegetables
  • Discounts on quality locally grown produce
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Eating healthy seasonal variety
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Know your farmers
  • Help the local economy by keeping dollars & employment in your community
  • Support open farmlands

Expected 2020 Harvest

Apples Arugula Basil
Blueberries Brussel Sprouts Green Beans
Yellow Beans Beets Cabbage
Carrots Cauliflour Collards
Cucumbers Eggplant Herbs
Kale Leeks Lettuce
Melons Mesclun Mix Mint
Okra Onions Oregano
Parsley Parsnips Peaches
Pears Peas Peppers
Potatoes Pumpkins Spinach
Shallots Strawberries Summer Squash
Sweet Corn Swiss Chard Tomatoes
Heritage Tomatoes Non-Acidic Tomatoes Winter Squash

Distribution of Portion

Portion options will feed for a week.

  • Small = 1-2 people $350.00 ($20/week in Produce) SOLD OUT
  • Large = 2-4 people $550.00 ($35/week in Produce) SOLD OUT

CSA pick-ups are once a week at the following locations and times:
  • Bradford Farm Stand - Monday 2:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Peabody Farm Stand - Thursday 2:00pm - 7:00pm